Mercury and Silver

Amalgam Case Study Review

Amalgam restorations - better known as “silver fillings” are one of the most widely used materials to fill cavities in decayed teeth. The use of dental amalgams or “silver’ fillings in dentistry is an extremely controversial topic.

Dr. Haley expresses his concerns over the continued use of mercury in dentistry procedures.

The American Dental Association's statement, continuing to support the use of dental amalgams that contain mercury.

A review of seven years worth of scientific studies concludes there is insufficient evidence "of a link between dental mercury and health problems, except in rare instances of allergic reactions."

The ADA's testimony before a government committee regarding regarding the safety of mercury-baring dental amalgam.

Some studies indicate that having several denatl amalgam fillings (which contain mercury) can lead to mercury exposure levels similar to what a metal foundry worker might experience.

Inquiry into mercury safety is exploding like never before, even in the popular press, with many linking mercury exposure to rising levels of autism in children.

Do You Have Mercury in Your Mouth?
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