Why use a holistic dentist?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

It is incredibly important that you get the proper dental care you need on a regular basis, but many people put off going to the dentist because doing so makes them feel anxious or they dislike the use of certain dental materials and medications. If you find yourself worrying about such things and it is preventing you from getting the dental care that you need, then you need to reconsider. Here at Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center , Dr. Kevin Flood can provide you with holistic dentistry that focuses on your entire well being. There are plenty of benefits to considering Grand Rapids holistic dentistry, including the relaxing atmosphere that Dr. Flood and the rest of our team can offer you during your visit.

When you visit our dentist here at Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center, you are not just taking care of your dental health but your overall physical wellbeing, too. There are plenty of materials, methods and other dental treatments widely used in the industry that have been contested regarding their overall effect on patient’s health outside of dentistry. For example, amalgam fillings are commonly used to treat cavities, but the trace amounts of mercury can seep through your tooth and affect you physically, especially over time. Dr. Flood uses alternative methods of applying dental methods and dental care in a way that it will not affect other aspects of your health but enhance it. Grand Rapids holistic dentistry may be the alternative method of dentistry that you have been looking for and can get behind. Our patients have also commented on just how relaxing out atmosphere is here, which can put any worries you have to rest instantly.

If you are afraid of visiting the dentist and do not get the proper dental care because of it, then consider visiting us here at Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center instead. Dr. Flood can provide you with Grand Rapids holistic dentistry that will address your dental health needs while also taking your overall well being into consideration. Call us here at Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center to learn more and to schedule your first appointment with us today.

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Grand Rapids TMJ Dentist

Saturday, 15 August 2015

TMJ Pain Related Treatments 49546

TMJ disorder occurs when the hinge that connects the mandible (lower jaw) to the temporal bone of your skull is not functioning as it should be. The temporomandibular joint, it's full name, is responsible for the smooth operation of your jaw as it moves up and down and side to side. When you are suffering with TMJ disorder, it can lead to a host of symptoms and problems, including head and neck pain. At Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center, we're pleased to treat such problems. Our Grand Rapids TMJ dentist is skilled and experienced in addressing these matters, which although not directly related to the teeth, does originate in the jaws. If you have experienced the pain that is related to it, you know that it's nothing that you can ignore.

There is no one reason why people get TMJ disorder. It can occur due to an injury or accident that damages the joint. Or it could be erosion of the disk that allows it to shift and become misaligned. It may also come about as a complication of arthritis. It is most common in women between 20 and 40 years old, but can happen to anyone at any age, male or female. Aside form neck and head pain, other symptoms are tenderness of the jaw, difficulties opening and closing your mouth from your jaws locking up, general facial pain, or more localized pain in or around your ear. Just call us to schedule an appointment with our Grand Rapids TMJ dentist.

Because Dr. Flood has done extensive work on these concerns, you can feel fully confident in getting relief. One such method is splint therapy, which act to stabilize the joint and foster a more proper bite. They're comfortable to wear and easy to use. Best of all, our Grand Rapids TMJ dentist has had impressive success in using them. Treatment needs to be based not only on addressing pain, but on correcting the reason that the pain exists in the first place. There is no reason that you should suffer with head or neck pain when it can be eliminated simply and efficiently.

TMJ Dentistry 49546
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Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Holistic Dentist in Grand Rapids

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Grand Rapids Holistic Dentistry 

In order to make sure that you are completely healthy, it helps to get all of the medical care that you need. It is vital to visit your doctors and other specialists for more than just emergencies. You need to seek regular care by planning semi-annual checkups and exams with your healthcare providers as well. If you are interested in receiving regular dental care that examines and takes care of your overall health and wellbeing while examining the health of your teeth and gums, then our holistic dentist in Grand Rapids here at Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center can offer you the comprehensive dental care that you have been looking for.

Holistic dentistry is a particular approach to dental care where the state of your dental health is considered as part of the entire scope of your overall health, as well. This means that our holistic dentist in Grand Rapids here at Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center takes your physical health onto heavy consideration when paying special dental attention to the health of your teeth and gums. In order to make sure that you are completely healthy in terms of your dental health, it is important that you make sure to schedule frequent visits for checkups and routine exams. Specialists and health care providers recommend that individuals of all ages and dental health needs visit their dentist about twice a year, which can translate to about once every six months. It is important that you seek medical help when an emergency occurs. Such is the case when you have a sudden toothache, it becomes vital that you see your dentist even if you are not due for a checkup or exam. Here at Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center, we can help treat dental emergencies, monitor your overall dental health and will look at your general health as well.

Whatever dental work you need done, our holistic dentist in Grand Rapids can provide you with the comprehensive dental care that you need in order to maintain your dental health or improve on it if you need to. If you want to learn more, call us here at Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center .

Holistic Dentist 49546
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Here at the office of Dr. Kevin Flood’s Dental Health & Wellness Center, a leading  TMJ specialist in Grand Rapids , we help many people with the wide ranging symptoms of TMJ disorders and all that they entail. TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, which is essentially the jaw joint. It is responsible for your chewing, speaking, yawning, singing—anything that requires that you open and close your mouth. It is one of the most complicated joints in the body, and so it is prone to a number of issues and uncomfortable symptoms. TMJ disorders are the title given to these complications with the temporomandibular joint. Some examples of symptoms associated with TMJ disorders include: noticing a popping or cracking sound when you open your mouth wide, experiencing pain when you open your mouth, pain around the jaw, mouth, cheeks, neck, and other areas around the temporomandiublar joint, pain while chewing, and more. Unfortunately, we do not yet have all the answers about temporomandibular joint disorders. We do know that some habits, like teeth grinding, can exacerbate TMJ pain and so might be a cause of temporomandibular joint disorders. TMJ can also be caused by arthritis. If you are experiencing TMJ pain and are looking for answers and treatment solutions, you should schedule an appointment with our TMJ specialist in Grand Rapids as soon as possible so that we can evaluate your symptoms and offer you treatments that can help resolve your symptoms and give you a less painful, more comfortable life. For example, we can fit you with a customized mouth guard that you can wear at night to prevent you from grinding your teeth. This often resolves many of our patients’ TMJ pain quite quickly.

If you would like to learn more about how our  TMJ specialist in Grand Rapids  can be of service to you, we encourage you to visit our main website. There you can browse through some additional, detailed information about all of the services that we provide for our patients here at our office. If you have any specific questions or concerns that you would like to speak about with a member of our staff directly, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance either by phone or online.

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Grand Rapids Dentist

Tuesday, 02 June 2015

Sleep Apnea in Grand Rapids

Sleep Apnea is known for symptoms such as unsatisfying sleep and loud snoring as stated above, but there are other signs as well. Sleep apnea itself is when your airways become blocked while sleeping, altering your breathing patterns. For some, this results in loud, and sometimes halting, snoring. But usually, the blockage of these airways is what causes your sleep to feel so restless. Because you are not breathing properly and experience periods of shallow breathing or not breathing at all, your body is not energizing itself sufficiently when you sleep at night. You may also feel generally restless while sleeping, you may experience a headache every morning, excessive daytime sleepiness, heartburn, swelling of the legs, or you may experience sweating and chest pains while you are sleeping. Usually, people find out that they have sleep apnea when their spouses or partners notice their abnormal breathing habits while sleeping. Many people may not even be aware that they have sleep apnea at all! But if you have any of the above symptoms, it may help to consult a dentist and seek treatment.  Dr. Kevin Flood , DDS, may be able to provide you with a customized oral appliance that can help keep your airways from becoming blocked during sleep.

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